McDonald’s is rolling out fresh beef at its restaurants

That means longer lines for impatient customers.

Reuters reports that restaurants offering fresh beef quarter pounders and the new “signature crafted” burgers are expected to take about a minute longer to fry up and deliver burgers to customers.

Oil prices are now at the lowest level this year.

Prices dipped into bear-market territory Tuesday as investors remained concerned that rising output from the U.S. and Libya will offset OPEC led production cuts.

The OPEC led agreement that slowed production in January has done nothing to boost prices.

The rapidly falling cost of solar energy is going to make it difficult for President Trump to deliver on his promise to put coal miners back to work, according to energy experts.

By 2040, U.S. power generation from renewable energy is likely to skyrocket by 169% , according to a recent forecast from the research firm Bloomberg new energy finance. Coal-fired power is projected to plunge by 51% in the United States over the same period.

Exxon Mobil is throwing its support behind a carbon tax.

The republican led proposal would cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The underlying idea is that, by making energy derived from fossil fuels more expensive, the free market will move more quickly and effectively toward renewable energy and other low-carbon solutions.