Chickens may be too old and too fat to breed.

That means they are less likely to produce eggs and reproduce, leading to a shortage of birds.

The Wall Street Journal says industry analysts figured out that the poultry industry has lost $121 million in sales because of these chicks that were never hatched.

Gas prices have dropped to nearly the lowest level of the year.
AAA says American motorists are the big winners here, as they fill their tanks for a summer road trip.

The lower prices are being driven by continued declines in crude oil prices.

Chipotle is boosting marketing spending as it still works to recover from the food sickness crisis.

Bloomberg says the food company will offer more promotions, like its previous free food deals, to get customers back in and comfortable eating there again.

Demand for pork  may have peaked.

Reuters says the people of China have been trying to eat healther and reduce fat in their food.

That has some in the pork industry worried that pork demand has hit a ceiling, about 10 years earlier than expected.