Nestle may put its candy business on the block.

The Wall Street Journal says this is part of nestle’s plan to deal with Americans growing demand for healthy snacks.

The unit, which includes Butterfinger, Baby Ruth and Nerds, would be worth as much as $3 billion dollars.

Rural America could be left behind as broadband gets more advanced.
Delivering up-to-date broadband service to distant reaches of the U.S. would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, experts estimate, an expense government, industry and consumers haven’t been willing to pay.
The Wall Street Journal says counties without modern internet connections can’t attract new firms, and their isolation discourages the enterprises they have: Ranchers who want to buy and sell cattle in online auctions or farmers who could use the internet to monitor crops.

Cheap milk and eggs is hurting grocery chain Kroger.
The stock of the company was slammed as it slashed its profit outlook for the rest of the year.
Kroger also invested in increasing labor hours and increasing starting pay in certain markets to improve its customer service and keep employees longer.

A dairy industry study says 48% of Americans don’t know where chocolate milk comes from.
The innovation center for U.S. dairy surveyed people in all 50 states.

The most astonishing result was that 48% of people didn’t know how chocolate milk was made.

7% of people, incredibly, thought it came from brown cows.