Legal pot sales are projected to beat cereal sales in two years.

Bloomberg says in 2019, U.S. sales of legal pot are predicted to reach $11.6 billion, beating ready-to-eat breakfast cereal sales, which are projected to hit $9.3 billion.

The American Petroleum Institute late Tuesday reported a whopping climb of 11.6 million barrels in U.S. crude supplies for the week ended March 3rd.

That was about 10 times what was expected.

More supply data on oil will be released later today.

Hydroelectric power is set to make a comeback in California.

After years of drought, the state now has plenty of water with heavy rains and lots of snow.

Energy officials tell the Los Angeles Times they are cautiously optimistic the sector’s output may roar back to levels seen before drought decimated watersheds, streams and reservoirs.

Some blueberry farmers are wondering where they will get workers with the Trump administration’s immigration crackdown.

Moneywatch reports that farmers in New Jersey, which is the 5th largest blueberry producers, sell most of their crop for produce so they rely labor to hand pick the fruit.