Oil prices tumbled nearly 9 percent last week as U.S. crude stockpiles hit a record high.

The sudden drop in crude comes as oil had doubled to more than $50 a barrel.

Oil finished the week at a 3 month low.

U.S. gas prices are rising steadily from a year ago.

The Lundberg survey says the average price of a gallon of regular rose 2 cents in the past two weeks to $2.35 as a nation wide average.

But gas experts say that despite the rise, gas prices are poised to dip slightly because crude oil costs are falling and refinery production is strong.

There’s a new battery that can provide safer, faster energy.

The new battery uses glass and sodium to hold more power, according to futurism.

It provides longer charges and lasts longer than the lithium-ion batteries that are common these days.

The team that designed the new battery included john goodenough, a 94-year-old engineer who also had a hand in the design of the lithium battery.