Tesla is considering building up to five gigafactories, the company said in its investor letter.

Tesla is currently building Gigafactory 1 in Sparks, Nevada that is slated to operate in full capacity in 2018.

No word on where the gigafactories would be.

Evanger’s dog food looks to have contained horse DNA.

The food was recalled after it was found to have a drug contaminated in it.

Now an executive with the pet food company told the Columbian newspaper during analysis they found cattle and horse DNA when testing the food. The company blames its still unnamed meat supplier.

The northeast has had a warmer than normal winter.

While that’s great for residents, it’s tough for maple syrup producers.

And the Pittsburgh post gazette says some of the syrup is flowing early.

Exxon Mobil has made the biggest cut to its oil and natural gas reserves in its history.

The prolonged routs in oil and natural gas markets erased the value of a $16 billion oil-sands investment and other North American assets for the oil giant.

The oil sands in Canada have been among the biggest to be cut.