Trading in energy and agriculture prices have been volatile.

This as the is Renewable Fuels Association said President Trump would sign an executive order that would make benefit refining, fuel and corn skyrocketing but then the existence of an order was denied.

Still the head of the RFA says some kind of order will be coming down the road.

A former official of the Environmental Protection Agency has become a key figure in the more than 20 lawsuits Monsanto.

The employee failed to warn consumers and regulators that it’s round up herbicide could cause cancer.

Monsanto cited a study that shows its products don’t’ cause caner.

Marijuana faces a more uncertain future under Trump administration.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he is weighing some kind of action regarding pot because it is still against federal law.

Maple syrup could soon be the new coconut water.

A recent Zenith predicts the maple water market will triple in size by 2020.

Coconut water still has 98% of the global market called ‘global alternative waters.