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Halliburton has advised workers from the countries named in President Trump’s immigration ban not to travel to the U.S., according to an email from a spokeswoman.

Reuters says the Halliburton employees from the banned countries are being notified that travel to the U.S. is not advisable during the travel restriction period

Honda and General Motors will team up to mass produce an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system for use in vehicles from both companies.

Production is expected to begin in 2020 with almost 100 new jobs expected to be created at the Michigan plant where the research is being done.

Tesla’s new power-pack battery storage project in southern California is the largest on earth.

The facility is 60 miles east of Los Angeles.

The project will support grid operation during peak hours and improve the integration of renewable energy resources.

Winter farming is in high demand as farm to table grows in popularity.

The associated press says farmers in colder areas of the country increasingly use greenhouses and similar structures to meet wintertime demand for local produce.

The federal government helped spur the growth in winter farming by providing financial and technical assistance to farmers so they can grow crops for more months.

Some grocery chains say more consumers, especially millennials, are choosing brands based on sustainability.

It shows up in stores in terms on products such as cage-free and pasture-raised.

The Baltimore Sun says some shoppers are more likely to choose sustainable goods, even if they have to pay more.

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