Ag and Energy Report; February 28th

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Fast food giant McDonald’s is looking to use its massive purchasing power to influence a new focus area in the food industry-sustainable beef.

The company has promised by the end of 2020 to source a portion of its beef from sustainable suppliers in its top 10 markets.

A university study shows Subway’s chicken strips are less than 50% chicken.

The study was done by Trent University and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

It says it sampled both filets and strips.

The rest of the DNA found in the chicken was soy – used either for either seasoning or filler.

Subway says it can’t confirm the results and it is surprised by the high soy content as its chicken is 1% or less of soy protein.

Deforestation is again clearing big chunks of the Amazon rainforest, and advocates and farmers say agribusiness giant Cargill has a link to it.

The New York Times says an envionmental group used satellite photography to track the deforestation, and said two of the biggest areas of deforestation were in regions were Cargill and Bunge.

Tribine Harvest is ramping up production on a high capacity combine that is designed to reduce operations.

He says the company is beginning to sell its product directly to farmers.

The combines have larger tanks to reduce the amount of time crops are offloaded into semis.

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