Gas prices are expected to jump soon but no where like California.

Gas Buddy says with OPEC nations cutting oil production and California’s pricey spring-summer blend of gasoline due to make its seasonal debut April 1, prices will jump between now and Memorial day – maybe by as much as 80 cents a gallon.

It expects jumps of 50 cents in other states.

Eight active drilling rigs were added to Texas oil and gas fields this week, offsetting a small dip in the rig count outside of the lone star state.

Texas saw three rigs added to the booming Permian Basin, as well as three in the slowly recovering Eagle Ford shale.

Farm bureau’s president says US farmers are at a breaking point.

Zippy Duvall says the American Farm Bureau Federation’s public policy agenda shares much in common with the trump administration on issues like regulatory reform and tax reform.

But even harder issues such as farm labor and trade should present opportunities to engage with Congress and the White House.