Huge week this week if you are a wildcat or a former wildcat at wossman high school. Two players signed to play basketball at the next level. Wossman’s Devontae Austin signed his name to play at Angelina college down in Lufkin, Texas. And also a girls basketball player Alexia Elder is going to SUSLA in Shreveport, Louisiana.

“This upcoming season I had to take on a bigger role by being a leader and with the pandemic going on; it was tough, but we overcame a lot of obstacles and it was a great season overall,” said Devonte Austin.

“I had a couple colleges looking at me but Angelina was like the one that made me feel like I’m at home again, so and then I get to team up with my former player Nick Traylor.”

“I’m in the gym 24/7 just trying to work on my craft. Get better for the next season,” said Alexia Elder.

“I’m grateful for this season. My coach always told me don’t take my season for granted because of corona and so you never knew when you just had to shut your program down. So I was grateful. I was happy to play cause a lot of teams didn’t get to play. So I’m grateful.”

“It was a lot of colleges that wanted me but I really wanted to stay at home. Yeah its time to get back in the gym. Thats basically what it is,” said Elder.