SWAC Commissioner Charles McClelland on 2020 Fall sports seasons, ‘ … takes time to get those ready to go … you can’t just pull the plug … ‘

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Monday, the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) is officially expected to decide on plans for the 2020 Fall sport season.

Will it be canceled as previously reported, by Stadium Brett McMurphy? Or, with the conference stay the course?

Friday, SWAC Commissioner Charles McClelland spoke to NBC 10 Sports dispelling McMurphy’s report the league will decide to cancel their football season.

McClelland will meet with the SWAC’s Council of Presidents to decide what the next steps should be. Whatever decision is made, it will not be easy.

“When you start looking at creating a college football season, a college volleyball season, a college soccer season, it takes time to get those things ready, ” says McClelland. “You can’t just pull the plug. There are contracts. There are TV deals that are on the table. [I’m] talking about travels, airlines. So, all of these things have to be discussed within our Council of Presidents.”

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