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[My dad] wanted to come to our first game so bad [versus Jackson State]. My mom will be here.

Tuesday, ULM head football coach Terry Bowden held his weekly press conference. NBC 10 Sports Director, Chris Demirdjian, is there with a recap:

It’s overwhelming. They did so many things. My mother was very emotional in the game. They asked my mom to be there. Just reminds us all how special my father was. He lived a good life. The recognition was about doing what any of us can do. Do things the right way. You’ll be successful. That’s what I get from that everyday.

Deion Sanders’ son is an outstanding quarterback. They have more four-stars than anyone at the HBCU/FCS level. Jackson State has good receivers to throw to. They beat a FAMU team that’s very well coached. They’ll do a good job under Coach Sanders.

How can we get better? All relative to who we’re playing. Assignment sound in the secretary. Probably could’ve been more creative on first down. Not easy to play fast when you’re 2nd and 9. In position to not give up big play in passing game and not give up first downs.

Right down we don’t need the rest. Did correction practice on Sunday. Got to correct kicking game. Can see if someone is banged up Monday is off day. We go Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday players don’t have to be in meeting until 4:00 Sunday. Coaches won’t have time off we’ll be looking at film. If there’s a second teamer we want to move up. Spending this weekend to look at position battles. Got two or three battles.

Went through to a few challenges to look at all of the guys that are starting.

Of all the teams that lost, all of those teams will have great years, we have to make sure we’re one of those teams.

Offensively they whipped us so much up from 1-out of 13 first down with played over two yards. They could play secondary in two deep shell and they could stop us.

We could’ve been more aggressive on first down. Couldn’t establish line of scrimmage.

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