“That was fun, I think that was the best part. Learning more about the game. That was fun.”

The fun continues for Nicolas DeRogers. The former Grambling football player just isn’t experiencing it on the football field, at the moment, but in the studio.

“I’ve been interested in music since I was young, ” says DeRogers.

The former Tigers defensive back laid out hits on the field, he’s now doing it in the world of music. The cousin of GSU great Martez Carter, is taking the world by storm.

“Music has always been a part of my life, ” says DeRogers. “I didn’t speak about it too much. Just the people around me knew. I used it as a coping method growing up.

The inspiration comes from?

“Feelings, ” DeRogers continues. “I wake up today and go outside. It’s a nice day outside. Then I can write about that. If something happened to me the day before that, I wake up with it on my mind. Maybe I’m stressed about it. You really don’t think too hard about it. You let it come out.”

NBC 10’s Chris Demirdjian asked DeRogers how long it takes a song to come together.

“I can make one song in 10 minutes, and I can make one song in 45 minutes.”

Nicolas DeRogers, a.k.a. ‘Six Nick’ has already signed to a major record label, with something brewing in the near future.

“I loved doing it, but I’m not seeing any progress, and I was like ‘I’m going to take one day off, and I’m going to try to reach out to some people,'” says DeRogers. “When I woke up that next day, I had a [direct message] from a very important person.”