Hey what’s going on every body I’m here with Geor’quarius Spivey he is transferring to Arizona state. What went into that decision nine days ago from today, May 24th. What went into that decision of you transferring from Mississippi state to Arizona state?

“Man what went into that decision was man you know im going to a decision to make a better opportunity for myself you know. Football field outside of school, and everything,” said Geor’quarius Spivey.

“How did you feel going with this coaching staff you are going with next year and what do you want to bring to Arizona state this upcoming season?”

“What I want to bring to Arizona state, I want to bring a ball player, a playmaker. Go out there and do my thing and be a versatile tight end.”

“Now we are here at Richwood high school man. Y’all really can’t see where we are at, but we are at richwood high school. This is where you are started at, your stomping grounds. All four years here at Richwood high, how does it feel to be back at home?”

“It feels go you know every time I walk in you know. Sometimes I feel like I can go back. Its just a good feeling, I still love you you know, this where I’m from,” said Spivey.

“Alright man, we talked a little bit off camera about the positions you were going to play, we talked about tight end, but its also some different positions that the coaches want you to do. Tell the people what they want you to do this season.”

“Going off to Arizona state when I picked my decision you know. They just want somebody who is going to be a versatile tight end. Which is saying somebody who can come play outside receiver, slot receiver, tight end, you know h-back, and you know red zone you know get a little wildcat action. Everything like tight end action you know.”

“Now from the sun devils man its also a lot of talent from out there. From last year the 2020 draft, Brandon Ayiuk over there in San Francisco tearing it up right now, also N’keal Harry for the patriots he doing some big time things. Its a lot of people that come from Arizona State man.”

“I just want to come and make a big impact. Not just for the football team, but for the whole Arizona. That’s helping me put on for my city that’s all I want to do.”

“Well I appreciate it man. CJ Maclin, Geor’quarius Spivey I appreciate it. Now next time look, bring me them shoes now, bring me a pair of them shoes I wear a 13, maybe a 12 in them I don’t know how they run, but I need some like that. We’ll see you guys after the break.”