Could fan attendance be limited for Louisiana Tech football games in the fall? What did Bulldogs Athletic Director Tommy McClelland say?

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As sports slowly creeps its way back, there’s some good news locally.

Per Louisiana Tech Athletic Director, Tommy McClelland, the Bulldogs football team will return for voluntary workouts on June 8.

There’s still no sure answer on whether if actual football games will be played in the Fall.

On Thursday, McClelland held a Zoom media press conference. He was asked if fan attendance could be limited, inside Joe Aillet Stadium.

“The easiest way to do that is the continue to wait, ” says McClelland. “Waiting does not mean we’re not making decisions for preparations. For that, we’re running scenarios on how we would do this. If we could only be at half capacity, and then have to space people out, who gets moved? A guy that’s been having a season ticket since 1965? And, now I’m asking that person to move? Those are the challenges you face. I think people would be very understanding.”

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