The voice of the Warhawks, is now the face of the program. Veteran broadcaster Nick White, will take over all play-by-play duties for ULM football, basketball, and softball, beginning this Fall on ESPN Plus.

The Cedar Creek and Louisiana Tech grad tells NBC 10’s Chris Demirdjian it’s all about spending more time at home.”

“This decision was about my sons, Brian and Micah, ” says White. “I actually approached Athletic Director, Scott McDonald, and John Lewandowski, Associate Athletic Director for Communications, about three weeks ago. Had made up my mind. It’s time for me to get off the road. And, I was hopeful they would be supportive of it. Chris, I’ll tell you, it wasn’t even two minutes into the conversation, ‘Whatever we got to do to make sure you’re at home with your kids.'”

A replacement will be named next week for the now vacant role on the Warhawks Radio Network.