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PR Newswire Exhibitor Profiles: RSNA 2023

RSNA 2023 is in Chicago from November 26 – 30

NEW YORK, Nov. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The following event roundup from PR Newswire is a list of featured exhibitors for RSNA 2023, the must-attend conference for radiology professionals, which takes place from November 26 – 30 at at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

RSNA 2023 press kits, news releases and photos are available on the Official Online Press Office, managed by PR Newswire: 

RSNA 2023 press kits on the Official Online Press Office

Altamont Software
Booth #7810
Press Kit:
Altamont Software was founded in 2016 by two veterans of the healthcare industry to improve medical imaging workflow by pursuing an enterprise approach. That vision gave rise to our Connectivity Platform. It provides an integrated, modern infrastructure upon which our full suite of document, eForm and video capture applications are built. This strategy ensures simplicity and enables centralized management, configuration, and deployment, with enterprise security and scalability.

We are a customer first company working in close partnership with some of the world's largest and most forward-thinking healthcare institutions. Learn how we can help you connect, communicate, and consolidate many of your medical imaging workflows.

Apollo Enterprise Imaging Corp
Booth #6810
Press Kit:
Apollo is a healthcare IT company providing enterprise clinical image management & workflow solutions to healthcare enterprises for 30 years. Apollo's multi-disciplinary medical imaging platform, arcc, integrates to the electronic health record (EHR), provides a holistic longitudinal view of all patient data, and focuses on clinical workflows, interoperability, and connectivity so that every department throughout the entire enterprise can securely acquire, manage, store, and access all clinical content. In addition, as an AWS Partner, Apollo is working with AWS to offer cost-effective and scalable multi-disciplinary cloud access to patient images. To learn more about Apollo, visit our website,

Bracco Diagnostics Inc.
Press Kit:
Bracco Imaging S.p.A. ("Bracco Imaging"), part of the Bracco Group, is an innovative world leader delivering end-to-end products and solutions through its comprehensive portfolio across all diagnostic imaging modalities. Headquartered in Milan, Italy, Bracco Imaging's purpose is to improve people's lives by shaping the future of precision diagnostic imaging. Its comprehensive product and solutions portfolio includes X-ray, MRI, Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound, and Nuclear Medicine through radioactive tracers and PET imaging agents, complemented by medical devices, advanced administration systems, and dose-management software. The Bracco Group's global revenues were 1.4 billion Euros in 2020. To learn more about Bracco Imaging, visit

DeepSight Technology
Booth MS302
Press Kit:
DeepSight™ Technology is revolutionizing medical imaging by taking the safest, fastest, most affordable and most accessible imaging modality and delivering a quantum leap in performance. Our solutions encompass Diagnostic Imaging, Diagnostic & Therapeutic Needle & Tool Guidance, Turbo Charged AI and Development Partnerships & Technology Licensing. DeepSight Technology was founded in 2019 by Nader Sadrzadeh, Lan Yang, and Anand Chandrasekher with the vision to revolutionize medical imaging using a proprietary sensing technology. With offices in San Francisco Bay Area and Clayton, Missouri, DeepSight aims to vastly extend the range of diagnostic medical ultrasound to benefit public health and well-being.

Dextro Imaging Solutions
Booth #1743
Press Kit:
For more information, visit

Double Black Imaging
Booth #2342
Press Kit:
Double Black Imaging is proud to be the largest medical display supplier, ergonomic workstation provider and calibration software developer that creates 100% of their software and performs 100% display system integration in the USA. Their team has a renowned history of providing the industry's finest customer service; Double Black Imaging is continually acknowledged by thousands of Radiologists and IT Professionals who put their trust in DBI every day. Double Black Imaging is dedicated to developing innovative imaging solutions that greatly improve image quality and stability. Making imaging more efficient to reduce healthcare costs is what DBI stands for.

Fovia Ai
Booth #4161
Press Kit:
AI-supported radiology becomes a reality - Explore new Artificial Intelligence solutions from Fovia Ai, Inc. along with Advanced Visualization technology from parent company Fovia, Inc. F.A.S.T.® aiCockpit® & F.A.S.T.® AI SDK enable radiologists and clinicians to efficiently access, visualize and interact with AI results directly within their existing workflows from any PACS, worklist, dictation software or hospital system. These optimized AI-driven advanced visualization offerings allow you to:

  • Streamline your AI workflow with one optimized AI viewer for all of your AI results
  • Quickly review, modify, accept/reject, annotate, validate and segment AI results in 2D and 3D for more accurate and reliable radiology findings
  • Easily send your physician-validated findings to AI Orchestrators, PACS and Reporting Systems using the latest interoperability standards in radiology

Complementary products in Fovia Ai's product suite include: F.A.S.T.® AI Annotation, F.A.S.T.® AI Validation, F.A.S.T.® AI Workflows, F.A.S.T.® Interactive AI, F.A.S.T.® Interactive Segmentation. These tools allow clinicians to efficiently and seamlessly interact with AI-augmented radiology data using intuitive tools for annotation, validation, modification, acceptance/rejection, interaction with and segmentation of data.

Fovia, Inc. is a world leader in advanced visualization, a preeminent provider of cloud-based, zero-footprint imaging SDKs, to OEM partners. As the developer of High Definition Volume Rendering® Fovia's software enables advanced diagnostic applications, custom workflows and high-performance interactive imaging.

Explore how to:

  • Deploy anytime, anywhere advanced visualization
  • Expand with cloud-based imaging tools
  • Scale 2D and 3D product development technology for OEMs

The flexible architecture of Fovia Ai's product suite and Fovia's over two decades of radiology integration experience facilitate seamless integrations with a variety of partners, platforms, processors and operating systems.

Visit Fovia Ai at Booth 4161 at RSNA to learn more, or visit and

Booth #7707
Press Kit:
Illuminate was created by software engineers who are passionate about partnering with physicians to develop solutions that make their jobs easier and optimize patient care. We've built our entire business around helping health care practices thrive in an increasingly digital world. Physician-driven innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Illuminate. From superior health outcomes and administrative efficiencies to improved compliance. Illuminate applications lead the way in helping doctors, hospital administrators and academia focus on what they do best: deliver outstanding patient care. Illuminate software is developed exclusively in America by a diverse, multi-cultural team of experts.

In-Med Prognostics
Booth #5173
Press Kit:
In-Med Prognostics is a pioneer in AI-driven predictive analytics using multi-modal data, including text, signal, and image and the creator of an end-to-end fully automated organ agnostic imaging platform at work in over 220+ sites in India, Africa, and the Middle East. With deep expertise in developing, deploying, and managing fully automated image processing algorithms and pipelines using AI/ML, our capabilities also include building and deploying tools for remote site monitoring, providing both central and site-based access to medical imaging data, dynamic dashboards, and imaging data visualization at sites of care and clinical trials. We continue to expand the product suites in CT Brain applications, Whole Body MRI/video Wellness/Athletic solutions, and lesion solutions for pancreatic and liver cancer.

Laitek, Inc.
Booth #8143 - North Hall
Press Kit:
We provide customized software and services that recognize that each healthcare organization has different image data management challenges depending upon their unique enterprise imaging journey. Therefore, we understand that any archive migration or consolidation effort must resolve these legacy challenges and minimize the likelihood that new ones arising in the process. Our ultimate goal is to enable healthcare organizations to improve the quality of care they deliver by enabling them to better manage and extract more clinical value from the increasingly vast amounts of medical imaging and protected health information under their jurisdiction.

OpenRad Services UK Limited
Booth #2960
Press Kit:
OpenRad's enterprise remote reporting platform is an all-in-one teleradiology solution enabling a seamless connection and faster collaboration with radiologists and referrers.

Our current product portfolio:

  • Operational optimization, business scaling & rapid access to new features based on a fully managed one-cloud solution
  • Connecting multiple referrers to a modality with intelligent DICOM worklist routing
  • Secure remote image sharing & reporting workflow, including peer review
  • Smart management of mobile modality fleets

As a remote radiology specialist, we connect people, technology, and expert knowledge to power better diagnostics and healthier futures. Our vision: Empowered people leading healthier lives through accessible & effective diagnostics.

Booth #4066
Press Kit:
At Pixyl we are working to place the most advanced AI for MRI in the hands of medical professionals to improve patient care. By providing rapid access to clinically relevant information, we support accelerated case reporting, without trading quality or precision.

Pixyl.Neuro™ analyzes MRI images to identify, quantify and classify brain abnormalities. Seamlessly integrated in the existing radiology workflow, results are available in less than 5 minutes to support diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory disorders.

Booth #3751
Press Kit:
For more information, visit

Xybix Systems
Booth #7933
Press Kit:
Xybix is the industry leader in sit/stand ergonomic workstations for all medical imaging applications including radiology and cardiovascular PACS, tech. control workstations, interventional suite workstations, teleradiology and home office reading stations. Our innovative ergonomic designs result in easily adjustable and rock-solid workstations that facilitate productivity, collaboration and employee satisfaction while reducing fatigue and eye strain. The value of good ergonomics is well established. An ergonomic environment should be considered a 'must have' to attract and retain the best talent.

Our team of design professionals can help with a single workstation or the redesign of an entire department or reading room that includes lighting, noise control and storage management. Visit our booth to see our innovation in action.

The above press kits will continue to be updated throughout the show. Please check back during RSNA 2023 for the latest news.

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