Kahn Design rolled out some of the most extravagant versions of the previous-generation Land Rover Defender, including one with six wheels and a V-8.

The U.K. company is now ready to realize new creations based on the modern Defender, via its Flying Huntsman in-house coachbuilder. Among the first projects is an open-top Defender that blends the SUV’s styling themes with those of a supercar.

Kahn calls it the Flying Huntsman 90 Spyder, and the design, based on the short-wheelbase two-door 90 version of the Defender SUV, swaps the standard roof for a bespoke design with a rear cowl made from aluminum. The cowl, similar to what you might find on a convertible supercar, is shaped using traditional coachbuilding methods such as hammering and rolling. For wet weather, there’s also a canvas top, which can be stored under the cowl when not in use.

“This project is about more than creating another exciting and unique vehicle; it’s at once a consolidation and continuation of our legacy of manufacturing special vehicles, supporting British craftsmanship, and keeping the art of coachbuilding alive and relevant,” Afzal Kahn, Kahn’s founder, said in a statement.

Flying Huntsman 90 SpyderFlying Huntsman 90 Spyder

The company plans to limit production of the Flying Huntsman 90 Spyder to just eight units per year. Each takes approximately six months to build and will come with an individually numbered plaque. Owners will also be able to design their own wheels for the vehicle.

The first examples are scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of 2024. Pricing information hasn’t been announced.

Kahn isn’t the only company building open-top versions of the latest Defender. The Dutch company Heritage Customs, which specializes in modified Defenders, earlier this year launched a Defender 90 convertible conversion. Heritage Customs went with a more traditional automated folding soft-top roof.

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