What is a Ridge?

In the summer, the ArkLaMiss usually deals with ridges more often than troughs. We identify ridges and troughs by looking at the upper-levels of the atmosphere. A trough is usually associated with disturbed weather, while a ridge is generally associated with quiet weather.

A ridge is an area of sinking air or deep warm air. It brings an increase in heat and dry conditions.  The sinking motion does not allow for much in the way of cloud/rain development. For that to happen air needs to rise, cool, and condense to form clouds/rain.

Also, the air is able to heat up due to sinking in the atmosphere. Compression of the air forces the air to become more "compact," increasing pressure and friction between air particles. This can make for a very warm day!

Typically, the closer you are to the center of the ridge the warmer and sunnier you will be. As you make your way to the "edge" of a ridge, pressure is less. This means temperature can be a little cooler and pop-up showers can form

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