Weather Forecast- Wednesday, March 15th

Weather Forecast- Wednesday, March 15th

WEST MONROE, La. - Good Wednesday morning, it's a chilly start outside today with temperatures sitting in the 30's across the area and partly cloudy skies. Those clouds will be clearing off through the morning making way for a sunny afternoon. It's going to be looking and feeling a lot like yesterday, with sunny skies and high temperatures in the lower 50's. Winds will be from the northeast and there is no chance for rain. 

Overnight lows are going to drop down in the 30's for one more night tonight. Skies will be mostly clear with winds shifting out of the east. We will be staying dry.

Tomorrow those winds shift from the southeast, so temperatures are going to start to warm back up. We will be seeing highs around 63 degrees, still below normal, but warmer than we've been seeing this week. Skies will be mostly sunny and we will not see any rain.

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