It's Vacation Time!

We are getting ready to go on a vacation and I am getting excited. At the same time, I am missing those family trips that we used to take every summer. You see, the difference is that this is a kids.  

As young parents we used to plan summer vacations with all of the children, and this usually involved us packing up the car (with way too much stuff) and driving to the beach, the mountains or to see the grandparents.  We had "stuff" piled in the back of the minivan, strapped on top with a carrier and all of our boys safely secured in their appropriate car seats/seat belts.  This was "pre" DVD in the cars as well, so as the kids got older we some how "rigged" a portable video player so the kids could watch a movie in the car.  

As the boys got older they somehow figured out how to add their Nintendo to the mix and there seemed to be wires throughout the car.  I am not sure that all of this was especially safe, but the kids assured us that they knew what they were doing.

Much of our "vacations" involved loading and unloading the car and keeping the peace between the three boys during the time we were traveling. In between, during the "vacation" we were always busy planning the days activities, swimming, mountain biking, hiking, surfing, golfing......the list was endless but exhausting. But you know what? It was all fabulous!!!! What wonderful memories those family trips were, but I am not sure they were a "vacation".  My patients would ask if I was "taking a vacation" during the summer and I learned to reply, " we are taking a trip".

I am now going on vacation and we will have a lot of time to ourselves, and don't have an action packed agenda everyday.  Makes me nostalgic for the chaos and the family trips.  It is funny that you begin to forget how you longed for a "vacation" when you were a young family and now I wish that the kids could all come with us.    

So...pack up those cars and load up the kids and enjoy wherever your summer "trip" may take you. Take lots of pictures and try not to think that you are more tired when you get home than when you left.  It is another one of those times as a parent that goes by all too quickly. 

Happy Summer Vacation!

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