Workout Tips from Larry Rivers

Anytime Fitness, Larry Rivers, brings some tips for those with fitness resolutions in 2014.
Here are the three workout tips for the New Year Resolutioners

1. In today's society, time seems to be a critical factor in our daily lives. Anything more than an hour at the gym is not effectively utilizing your time. When exercising, always consider multi-joint or full body movements (I.e. Squats with a lateral raise, Push-ups with Knee-ins) that incorporates as many muscle groups as possible. Individuals tend to focus on working out just their arms, midsection, or hips which is fine, but if time is a factor then full body exercises are ideal.

2. Cardio is important great for burning calories, but people forget that it is VERY good for our heart and lungs. Too many people do resistance training and do not do any cardiovascular exercises. Doing circuit training with your resistance training is a great way to effectively burn a lot of classes in a short amount of time. Group fitness classes offer a wide variety of styles, but a lot of them focuses on circuit training to burn the maximum amount of calories in a short time.

3. Stop making excuses and BE CONSISTENT. If people would take the time to stop making excuses and be more proactive with their health, then Louisiana wouldn't be considered THE obese state. Even if a person can not afford a gym membership, there is still plenty of exercises one can do outside. Make exercise a part of your schedule like you would do with work, school, etc. Even if you can only devote 10 mins to exercising, that is better than devoting no time at all.

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