Wingspan Celebrates Grand Opening and Screens "The Hornet's Nest"

Monroe leaders celebrated the grand opening of Wingspan Friday.
MONROE -- Monroe leaders celebrated the grand opening of Wingspan Friday. A ribbon was cut and cake and champagne were served at the ceremony.
Wingspan took over the Chase call center on north 19th Street in October. 400 of the 500 chase workers were offered jobs with Wingspan Portfolio Advisers. The remaining 100 workers will continue to be employed by Chase.
Wingspan will provide a broad range of business process solutions. It will handle default loan services, complaints and compliance oversight for customers.

"Next your going to see more growth from our businesses here in monroe and some of our other sites across the country as we see the industry sort of redefine itself working through the challenges in the last few years," say Wingspan CEO Stephen Horne.

As part of Wingspan's grand opening, the company offered a screening of "The Hornet's Nest". It's a documentary style movie made from footage gathered by war correspondent Mike Boettcher and his son Carlos. The two were embedded in Afghanistan in some of the most violent areas.
Director David Salzberg says the movie is an emotional reality check for most Americans on the war in Afghanistan. 

The movie will be released in theaters in May.
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