Who is Running for Rodney Alexander's Seat?

Who is Running for Rodney Alexander's Seat?

We have confirmed candidates and those considering a run.

MONROE -- After researching and making phone calls to potential candidates, KTVE/KARD, Your Local Election Headquarters, has put together the list of confirmed candidates and those considering a run.


1) Senator Neil Riser, Republican

2) State Representative Marcus Hunter, Democrat

3) Monroe Attorney Jeff Guerriero, Republican


1) Monroe Attorney Charles Kincade, Democrat

2) State Senator Rick Gallot, Democrat

3) Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo, Democrat


1) State Senator Mike Walsworth, Republican

2) State Representative Katrina Jackson, Democrat

Congressman Rodney Alexander's case, going from not seeking re-election to resignation in less than 24 hours, is what political experts call unusual.

"The whole process. Let's just be honest. The whole process is unusual," ULM Political Science Professor, John Sutherlin, said.

Now the race is on to replace Alexander.

Republican State Senator Neil Riser has already thrown his name into the ring.

"You can expect to see me out in the 5th Congressional District, campaigning, visiting with everyone out there, hearing what their needs are and moving forward," said Riser.

Sutherlin said Riser may have an edge.

"Primarily, because his state Senate district looks a lot like the congressional district, but also, too, name recognition," Sutherlin explained.

The Louisiana Democratic Party begs to differ.

"The reason why I know that our folks will have a really good chance here is because any of the candidates, so far, on the Republican side that have stuck their neck out are so closely aligned with Bobby Jindal right now," Executive Director of the Louisiana Democrats, Stephen Handwerk, said.

A Democratic candidate, State Rep. Marcus Hunter, has also tossed his name in.

"If anybody is interested in running, we're going to have to make some very quick decisions," Hunter said.

Well-known Monroe Attorney Charles Kincade is considering his own Democratic run.

"The call for public service is great and this area needs strong, effective, progressive leadership," said Kincade. "We've been mired in conservative policies for years and look at where they've gotten us. Nowhere."

Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo said he's keeping his options open, releasing this statement to KTVE/KARD:

"I love the job that I have but I'm willing to talk to them. At this point, I'm not ruling it out, though I'm concentrating on the job that I have. I'm getting calls from people asking and pledging their support."

Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy's name was thrown in, but he's still in question.

His city communications manager said he won't run.

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