Town of Jonesboro Council Votes on Interim Mayor; Rejected by Fiscal Administrator

Town of Jonesboro Council Votes on Interim Mayor; Rejected by Fiscal Administrator

The Jonesboro Town Council held a special meeting late Monday afternoon to decide who will lead them in place of Mayor Leslie Thompson.
The Town of Jonesboro comes together to choose someone to take over mayoral responsibilities, but that proved harder than expected.

"We will not have any disruptions in this meeting, outbursts, or anything else. If you do you'll be written a citation and taken to jail," says Mayor Pro Tem Devin Flowers.

Emotions run high in Jonesboro following the conviction of Mayor Leslie Thompson last Thursday.

"He is automatically suspended without pay, do we all have that clear? He is still the mayor of the Town of Jonesboro," says Flowers.

Monday the board of alderman and dozens from the town, including Thompson himself, gathered to choose someone to take over the mayoral responsibilities.

"Can I get a motion that we make Mrs. Yoshi Thompson the interim mayor for the Town of Jonesboro," said Flowers during the meeting.

The aldermen voted three-to-one to approve Leslie Thompson's wife, Yoshi, for the job. A move Thompson says makes sense...

"We felt, because of the experience I have with doing the job of being the mayor, that I would probably the best person - she would be the best person to be considered, whereby she could get the information from me that she needed and pass the information on to the fiscal administrator. We say that's what we want. We say we want the town to better fiscally, then what better choice than my wife," says Leslie Thompson.

However, fiscal administrator Kenneth Folden disagrees, rejecting the appointment immediately.

"At this point, I don't think that's where we need to go," said Folden.

The board of aldermen did not recommend anyone else to take over the position before adjourning, but did appeal to their constituents.

"Jonesboro it's time to stand up, black or white. If you're in this fight, we're going to the capitol, where ever we need to go, Washington D.C., because I won't stand here and take it," says Flowers.

Despite failing to find someone to sit in the mayor's seat until his conviction is reversed, final, or his term ends, the aldermen did vow to work with the new fiscal administrator who was just appointed Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Town of Jonesboro could soon receive state funds again after being put on a non-compliance list. Legislative Auditor Allen Brown says the issue will be discussed at this Thursday's Legislative Audit Advisory Committee meeting.

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