Tom Cotton Talks Obamacare in El Dorado

Tom Cotton Talks Obamacare in El Dorado

The Congressman spoke to folks about the negative impacts of the President's Health Care Law.

El DORADO, AR. - Congressman Tom Cotton, (R)- Dardanelle, paid a visit to folks in south Arkansas this afternoon.

Congressman Tom Cotton held a town-hall Q -&-A to talk about none other than the Affordable Care Act.

The Republican says you can fix a website, but you can’t fix “Obamacare”.

“That’s because the law is so fundamentally flawed,” said Cotton.

The Congressman says people who sign up for health insurance under the President’s plan are seeing costs go up, rather than down.

“Their premiums are doubling or even tripling, and their deductibles or co-pays are going up 10, 20, 30 and 40%.”

He told folks today there are Republican backed alternatives to the Affordable Care Act, which are already on the table.

“The Solution when ‘Obamacare’ is repealed is to adopt patient centered, market focused solutions that empower patients and families and doctors to get the care that’s best for them at the price that’s right for them”

He says a new law would give folks the ability to purchase insurance state to state, and give small businesses the ability to “pool” together.

“To give them the same kind of purchasing power that large businesses have because they have so many more beneficiaries that will spread the risks and the cost of insurance across a much broader pool of say a small business with just 15”

Meanwhile his opponents say event’s like today are merely a plug for his senate campaign for 2014, which include pre-screened questions and selective access..

Cotton says that’s not true.

“We open these up to the public; we take questions from all comers. We do ask folks to send in questions from email or facebook and twitter as well so we can interact and take questions from folks who aren’t even here.”

Folks who were in attendance like Dean Stories, say his questions were answered.

“We need to express and do it in a public manner so that people will understand that there is more than one or two that are trying to make a difference in our system,” said Stories.

 Some of those questions concerned medicare.  Cotton Says under "Obamacare", those who rely on medicare will be treated like second class citizens.  

In a statement released this afternoon, The Arkansas Democratic Party says Congressman Cotton “doubled down on the reckless Republican Study Committee budget that no other Arkansan voted for that would raise the eligibility age of Medicare to 70 and turn the program into a voucher program. These changes would undermine the retirement security of Arkansans who are counting on Medicare to give them the care they need as senior citizens.”

They add, “It’s another example of Congressman Cotton’s reckless agenda for Arkansas and it’s an agenda that Arkansas can’t 



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