The New Black Friday: Customer or Employee?

It was a different "Black Friday" morning for some Monroe retailers like Best Buy.

MONROE -- It was a different "Black Friday" morning for some Monroe retailers like Best Buy.

They still had deals on many hot-topic items and customers that wanted them.

"Just the Kindle Fire for her, because she's been doing good in school so I promised her a Kindle Fire," said Monroe shopper Rochelle Minniefield.

"I just want to play games on it," little Kayla Crawford piped in.

Off-duty Monroe Police officers still watched over each transaction, but this "Black Friday," the line was bigger outside neighboring PetSmart.

That's because for the first time, Best Buy opened at 6 p.m. Thanksgiving night, not just "Black Friday" morning.

"The customers like to shop a little earlier timeframe so they kind of sleep like normal people," said Best Buy Sales Support Manager, KJ. "It's definitely going to change the way "Black Friday" shoppers shop in general whether it's now or in the future."

Whether it's the latest gaming console generation or a new tablet or T.V., a lot of "Black Friday" shoppers are saying this "Black Friday" is easier with more businesses opening up on Thanksgiving.

Many customers said they were surprised how peaceful this "Black Friday" was compared to years past.

"It was, actually. It was smooth sailing," said shopper Lisa Williams. "I didn't have to get in a whole bunch of crowds and I didn't have to sit in line a long time."

"There was no fights that broke out, but there was a little bit of shoving, probably not intentionally," said shopper Michael Rodriguez.

"I was surprised there were no fights going on, honestly," echoed shopper Cody Madden.

There is, however, a new cost to workers for this new system, especially with their work shifts.

"It's going to be roughly about 30 hours total," KJ said.

To make it better for shoppers or better for employees, the shopping debate continues.

Either way. local retailers said "Black Friday" shopping is changing for the future.

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