Politicians React to A&E Suspension of Phil Robertson

State and national politicians are reacting to the suspension of 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson by A&E.
West Monroe -- State and national politicians are reacting to the suspension of 'Duck Dynasty' star Phil Robertson by A&E.

Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin posted this comment on her Facebook page: "Free speech is an endangered species. Those intolerants hatin’ and taking on the Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us."

Palin was recently in Monroe for a signing of her new book. While here, Palin visited the Duck Commander warehouse in West Monroe and met with members of the Robertson family.

Also Louisiana Governor Jindal has issued a statement on the Robertson suspension:

“Phil Robertson and his family are great citizens of the State of Louisiana. The politically correct crowd is tolerant of all viewpoints, except those they disagree with. I don’t agree with quite a bit of stuff I read in magazine interviews or see on TV. In fact, come to think of it, I find a good bit of it offensive. But I also acknowledge that this is a free country and everyone is entitled to express their views. In fact, I remember when TV networks believed in the First Amendment. It is a messed up situation when Miley Cyrus gets a laugh, and Phil Robertson gets suspended "

Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy issued this statement on his Facebook page:
"I hope that those who desire tolerance find a way to respectfully disagree with Phil, a reality TV show star who spoke in a real way; remembering that Phil stressed his concern and love for others, even if he does not understand or agree with their decisions."

LA House Speaker Chuck Kleckley issued this statement on his Facebook page: "I #standwithphil. I applaud his courage and ability to stand up for what he believes in a world that is only tolerant of their own view. What happened to freedom of speech?"

LA U.S. Senator David Vitter sent out this statement via Twitter:
"Our nation has approached a cultural crossroads and I am thankful for the Robertson family's positive example to millions of families across the world."

Louisiana Senate Candidate Rob Maness issued this statement:

"I stand by the Constitution and the First Amendment rights of both Phil Robertson and A&E. Phil Robertson is a man of faith and has the right to express that faith in any public forum any way he chooses. I also stand by A&E’s right to suspend Mr. Robertson.

This is not a rights issue. It is a cultural, spiritual and moral issue.

A&E reacted to the pressure from the intolerant left who jump at every opportunity to silence dissenting speech and to crush those whose values are not pre-approved by political correctness police. The intolerant left’s mission is not tolerance, it is not even acceptance…it is the complete capitulation of values, tradition and moral code.

The intolerant left’s favorite mechanism to advance their goal toward complete capitulation is public, loud, obnoxious temper tantrums.

U.S. Rep. Vance McAllister, R-Swartz, released the following statement:

“The Robertson’s are great people and great friends of mine. Everyone is criticizing a reality star that became so popular by being himself.

A real journalist asked Phil a real question and he gave him a real answer based on his opinion, and because it’s not politically correct, people are turning on him. This is America where you have the right to say what you believe and what’s in your heart. Everyone, including A&E, should respect other people’s opinions. It’s not my place to judge anyone. People have to live by their own values. I, as I know Phil does, love the God we worship and all our neighbors, the two most important commandments and our core values.”

Louisiana State Representative Marcus Hunter issued this statement:

Mr. Robertson’s experiences are his own, and he is entitled to express them as he sees fit. It was ‘his’ truth. The faith and family structure exhibited by the Robertson's on the hit A&E show is part of the allure which makes it so special. America, once given an opportunity to peek inside the Robertson family, fell in love with them and by proxy northeast Louisiana from the moment the cameras and lights were pointed towards them.

I have the distinct honor of representing the very diverse district which is home to the Duck Dynasty and their several businesses. We must protect this diversity. Many in our community and country hold different opinions and values. Phil expressed his opinions and values in an interview. Though we may not all agree with some of the statements he made, we have to be careful not to react harshly or carelessly.

A question for A&E: Have you polled ALL of your employees, actors and contractors to get their views on the LGBT community? If they do not support the LGBT community do they get fired or suspended indefinitely? If the answer is "no" then why was Phil suspended? Some of us also find it dishearting that the reason given by A&E did not address any of the comments Roberton made regarding “the blacks” as it relates to the Jim Crow era as well as entitlement programs and welfare.

While I have yet to speak to Mr. Robertson personally regarding this matter, it is my hope that, as a fellow outdoorsman and neighbor, we will sit and engage in meaningful dialogue regarding efforts to move our beloved Sportsman's Paradise forward. I would like to enlighten him about the challenges and triumphs of Black people during and after Jim Crow.

I look forward to A&E lifting its suspension of Mr. Robertson, issuing a formal public apology, and enlisting a group to research even more diverse shows representative of Louisiana.

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