New Health Facility Opens in Tallulah

Madison Parish says the increased size of the new health unit will be an improvement.
TALLULAH, La. -- At 8,190 sq ft, the new and improved Madison Parish Health Unit is definitely larger than before. Even still, there was standing room only on Friday morning as folks showed up to witness the beginnings of better health service in rural parts of northeast Louisiana.

"I just thank God for the time we had and the support of others. We are here," said Jane Sanders of the Madison Parish Police Jury.

After dedicating the building, the ceremonial ribbon was cut and visitors toured the new exam and clinic rooms.

"It's been a long time coming," mentioned Altrechiea Hutto the health facility's Nursing Supervisor. And we're so thankful for the police jury and all those who had a part in it to have a new facility. As great and beautiful as it is, we never expected it to be this much. "

Altrechiea Hutto has worked the last 33 years at the health unit's older facility on depot street in Tallulah. Despite a nice downtown location and a view of the bayou, she says it had several problems inside.

"It had some leaks in the roof and it had some problems with the heating and the cooling," recalled Hutto. "It was outdated and it was time for a new facility."

"This is something that's not only needed but deserved by the citizens of madison parish," voiced Senator Francis Thompson, D-Delhi. "This will take care of the maternity needs of the citizens and the immunization for young people."

The new facility will also distribute W.I.C. vouchers.

The estimated cost of the entire project is about $1.6 million, with $200,000 of that paid by the parish.

Hutto is relieved to finally complete the transition and says the larger rooms will help significantly.

"The people that come here, they'll have a newer facility. And it won't be so crowded," cheered Hutto. "And it won't be so cold. And it'll be a great place for them to get care."
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