Local Chef's Facebook Post Over Burglary Goes Viral

A local chef's experience with a burglar and local police has gone viral after his Facebook post about it.
MONROE -- A local chef's experience with a burglar and local police has gone viral after his Facebook post about it.

Cory Bahr, chef of Restaurant Cotton in Monroe, shared his story with Facebook friends about his vehicle getting broken into in mid-December.
He said three weeks ago, he had thousands of dollars of knives, a Macbook pro and several other items stolen from his vehicle. In his post, Bahr said he called the Monroe Police Department to file a report.

He then said the officer, "talked to me like I did something wrong." Bahr continues to say in his post that he even used an iPhone app to track down the MacBook.

"Which took a week but it finally pinged. I then call MPD to give them a map, address and GPS coordinates for the location of my stolen goods," said Bahr in his Facebook post.

He says the officers then filled out a supplemental report. Bahr said in the post that he even drove by the home.

"I was rewarded with seeing a young man with my stolen jacket on and one of his friends twirling a MacBook charger on the front porch," he said in the post. "I call the officers and inform them that I see my stolen goods on this young man. 'We will handle it' I was told."

"I call the next day only to find out nothing happened," Bahr continued. "My report was lost. I gave the police everything they needed to arrest a criminal and nothing."

According to Bahr, he was able to get a detective to go to the house.

"The mother says the son just got out of jail. She said yes he had my computer, jacket and other items the previous day but hasn't seen him today. Basically leading the MPD to the location of thousands of dollars of stolen goods is not enough to get them interested," he said.

The post was made Sunday afternoon, and as of Sunday night has already garnered over 300 shares, nearly 300 comments, and almost 1,000 likes on Facebook.

Many other commenters chimed in on his post claiming similar experiences.

Monroe Police issued a statement saying Bahr's case is being investigated and that charges are pending against the suspect that MPD has indentified.

Monroe Police Chief Quentin Holmes plans to hold a press conference concerning the matter on Monday.
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