Jindal Visits Talllulah to Highlight New Health Unit

Jindal Visits Talllulah to Highlight New Health Unit

Residents in Madison Parish should have access to better health services in the coming weeks.
Tallulah -- Governor Bobby Jindal visited Tallulah Friday to highlight the new Madison Parish Health Unit, which will open soon.

Officials say it was badly needed because the previous facility needed costly repairs and had outdated safety codes.

Governor Jindal says the new building will help folks in nearby communities get better health care closer to home.

"Finally we've got a building worthy of our staff, the patients, and the community they serve, but even when they didn't have a beautiful new building, they did an amazing job our community and our patients."

The Jindal administration committed 835-thousand dollars in capital outlay funds for the new health unit.

The facility includes a new clinic, and a waiting room.
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