Ice Cream and iPads at ULM

Ice Cream and iPads at ULM

On Sept. 4, the University of Louisiana at Monroe Office of Recruitment and Admissions hosted an ice cream social for 60 select students in honor of their outstanding test scores.

Ice cream and iPads at ULM

By: Julie Landry


On Sept. 4, the University of Louisiana at Monroe Office of Recruitment and Admissions hosted an ice cream social for 60 select students in honor of their outstanding test scores. Incoming freshmen with an ACT score of 30 or higher gathered on the seventh floor of the library to eat ice cream and receive ULM-themed packages, each containing a special gift—an Apple iPad.


Speaking to the assembled scholars, ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno said, “All of you have accomplished some amazing things academically, and we congratulate you on being the best of the best. And in turn, that comes with a responsibility. We have a responsibility to provide you a good education, and a staff that is responsive to your needs. But you also have a responsibility to us, to your parents, to your families, and that is to make sure that you enjoy your university experience, but that you maintain your grades.”


Students who received an iPad for their 30 or higher on the ACT included:


Jacob Anderson of Coushatta; Ashley Archer of Franklington; Amanda Arcilla of Monroe; Olivia Barfield of Dry Prong; Brook Barringer of Hammond; Taylar Boutte of New Iberia; Karlee Buckridge of West Monroe; Abigail Bumgardner of Blanchard; Caitlin Chavanne of Shreveport; Zachary Christian of Castor; Jacob Clayton of Greenwood; Ellen Cook of Alexandria; Daniel Crawford of Monroe; Anirudha Dasgupta of New Delhi, India; Christopher Dixon of Angola; Quoc-Nam Duong of Sterlington; Brandon Eddlemon of Alexandria; Lauren Enyeart of Austin, Texas; Miranda Erwin of Winnsboro; Caitlyn Fontenot of Pollock; Halie Fryday of Shreveport; Grant Gallien of West Monroe; Cody Gibson of Greenwood; Joshua Glatter of Morgan City; Joshua Glatter of Morgan City; Kyle Gresham of West Monroe; Kathleen Hendrix of Pineville; Jessica Holifield of West Monroe; Cassidy Horton of Haughton; Cameron Irby of Oak Grove; Jonathan Jeffcoat of Patterson; Jaxon Lucas of Center, Texas; Patrick Macklin of Morgan City; Jenna Mailhes of Monroe; John Martin of Sulphur; Kolleen McWilliams of West Monroe; Katleyn Minchew of West Monroe; Lindsay Moore of Marshall, Texas; Hannah Mosher of West Monroe; Charlotte Meyer of Walker; Zinaida Osipova of Nizhny Novgorod; Lauren Palmer of Murrieta, Calif.; Zachary Passon of Ruston; Whittney Plunkett of Benton; Kelli Rachal of Alexandria; Lance Richard of Monroe; Spencer Roark of Monroe; Shelby Russell of West Monroe; Margaret Scalfano of Forest Hill; Nathaniel Schultz of Gonzales; Bethany Sharplin of West Monroe; Gerald Sibley of Walker; Ann-Marie Simon of Maurice; Kylen Smith of Shelbyville, Texas; Caroline Townley of Alexandria; Olivia Travis of Ridgeland, Miss.; Tanner Traweek of Monroe; Brent Turner of West Monroe; Matthew Vines of Pineville; and Blake Weems of Monroe.


The iPads were purchased with donations from the ULM Foundation. Bruno told students, “All of the iPads given to you today were paid for by the ULM Foundation, by people who saw the value in your efforts and what you’ve accomplished.”


Bruno expects great things of this freshman class, insisting, “Make sure you live up to your part of the bargain in the scholarship. The university has invested a lot of money because we see you as being worth it—that you’ve earned it. So now it’s your responsibility to excel and to bring recognition to you, to your classmates, and to ULM.”


About the ULM Foundation:      


Established in 1961, the ULM Foundation is a private non-profit organization dedicated to the growth, development, and enhancement of the University of Louisiana at Monroe.


The Foundation manages various programs, including: scholarships, professorship and chair funds, alumni, fund-raising and development operations, college and departmental support, and other university-related programs.


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