Holiday Gifts for the Tech Lover

Holiday Gifts for the Tech Lover

What should you buy for the gamer or technology enthusiast in your life?
With the holiday just around the corner, shoppers are buying their last-minute gifts.

Here are some gift ideas for the friend or family member that likes electronics.

Time is running out for holiday gift shoppers. If you're looking to buy something special for the tech enthusiast or the gamer in your life, there are a lot of hot new items to choose from.

"My dad has taken over my mom's iphone. So, I was looking to get him a tablet so he could play his games." said Kori Turner, a consumer.

Tablets PCs are flying off the shelves. Whether it's Apple's pricier and impossibly thin Ipad Air that boasts faster performance and better video chatting than its peers and predecessors... or perhaps something from Samsung... they're all selling quickly.

"Since they released the Note 3, it's been one of the hottest things that we have," said Cordae Williams, a tech expert.

Samsung's Note 3 blurs the line between phones and tablets with its bright 5.7-inch display, making a good buy for those who want a little of both worlds.

"Any Samsung products are always going to be hot around this time," said Williams.

Like the Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch for when you want to easily send texts and take calls right from your wrist without touching your phone. The wearable tech world also offers the Fitbit.

"You pretty much just strap it on you and throughout the day it'll calculate how many steps you take, your heart rate," said Williams.

It does all that for and it remembers your daily pattern, making fitness suggestions/recommendations based on your lifestyle.

For the less outdoorsy, it's the Playstation 4.

"A lot of people have been waiting on that, as well as the XBox One," said Williams.

"I was trying to get some games for my brother for Christmas," said Joey Varnell, a consumer.

These are the latest generation gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Described as a go-to living room entertainment device, the Xbox One strives to bring gaming, streaming video, and cable tv all in a single user interface. Whereas the PS4 is more gaming-centric, featuring a sleeker console design than its competitor and a built-in rechargeable controller battery.

Instead of snagging one right now, some consumers are buying games for devices they already own, insisting to practice patience to avoid sticker shock.

"Price is too high for me right now. I usually wait for the price to go down before I buy them," said Varnell.

To find the best buy for your budget, refer to the pricing list below for information on items previously mentioned:

PS4: $399
Xbox One: $499
Fitbit: Starting at $60
iPad Air: Starting at $499
Samsung Galaxy Note 3: $299 (with a 2-year contract)
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