Healthcare.gov Website Improving, Local Insurance Provider Seeing Enrollment Increase

Vantage health officials say over the months, they've received many phone calls from people who were unable to get on Healthcare.gov. Since, November 30th, enrollment has improved.
MONROE -- Vantage Health Plan officials say over the months, they've received many phone calls from people who were unable to get on healthcare.gov.

Vantage Health Plan president Dr. Patrick Gary Jones says through October and November, only a few hundred people wanting to sign up with them were able to get through on the new healthcare.gov website, but things are looking up.

After the disastrous roll out of the Affordable Care Act's website, some major crackdowns were made and white house officials report that successful enrollments are on the rise.

"The improvements on the website on Nov. 30th, were very dramatic," said Jones. "In the first week after Nov. 30th, we doubled our enrollment." 

Monroe-based Vantage Health Plan has watched enrollment rise to about 2,200 statewide.

"We're picking up about 25 percent of the total enrollment of the state right now," Jones said.

If you don't want to deal with the website, Vantage is able to sign up people directly with the same plans available on healthcare.gov.

Anyone who earns under 400 percent of the federal poverty level warns a subsidy, which can help you save money on your premiums and benefits.

And the only way to get that...Is through the website.

About 70 percent of Louisiana is eligible for a subsidy.

"I wouldn't procrastinate, I'd go ahead and get started," Jones said.

Deadlines have been extended now to the end of December for coverage beginning in the new year.

"It's not too late, if they go ahead and sign up now during December, even if we have to do some finishing touches in January, we can still get them covered in January," Jones said.

March is the latest you can sign up without facing a penalty.

"Most of these deadlines, aren't going to get extended until right before the deadline, but there's no guarantees so I wouldn't wait," said Jones.

Beware of agents trying to charge you for signing you up to a health plan. Agents are paid by insurance companies -- not you -- to help people navigate the insurance marketplace.
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