GSU President Releases Statement on Football Players' Return

GSU President Releases Statement on Football Players' Return

GSU President Frank Pogue released a statement on the return of the football players to practice.
GRAMBLING -- Grambling State University released this statement Monday on the return of the GSU football players to practice:

"Grambling State University President Frank G. Pogue expressed great joy that the university’s football team has returned to practice today and he is happy that GSU will finish the fall football season.

Pogue said moving forward the administration’s primary focus continues to be to ensure that all of our students are empowered to complete their studies and leave Grambling State with their degrees. He said “we owe all students a quality education, helping them succeed in every way we can.”

“We will continue to move forward to enhance all university facilities, including athletic facilities and grounds,” added the president. “The national attention on the football facilities has enabled the institution to underscore its overall financial plight.”

Athletic Director Aaron James said he and interim head coach Dennis “Dirt” Winston were relieved when they first started hearing this morning that the players had decided to return and they were increasingly encouraged as more and more players and students said the team would return.

“It’s almost as a good as a big game win when you’re the underdog,” said James, who played basketball at the university and went on to play with the New Orleans Jazz and other professional basketball leagues.

“We’re happy this phase is over, but it really isn’t over because we heard our guys loud and clear and we won’t forget that. We were moving on some things before last week, we moved on more things last week and we’ll keep moving things in the right directions for all of our athletes.”

The football team returned to the practice field about 5:30 p.m. for an abbreviated practice of mostly warm-ups and sprints before returning to the locker room.

 Pogue thanked the athletic administration, faculty, staff, students, alumni and hundreds of supporters of the university for expressing great appreciation and support of the football team, and for seeking additional information about the university’s dire financial situation. The president said he would return to his presidential responsibilities, especially working to continue to push for additional funding from the state, alumni and others."

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