'Gangster Claus' School Skit Concerns Parents in Magnolia

A skit entitled "Gangster Claus" performed earlier this week at a Magnolia High School Christmas event has raised concerns among some parents.

MAGNOLIA AR, - A skit at the Magnolia High School Christmas show, last week left some parents up in arms due to the graphic nature.

During the annual Red and White Christmas Celebration on December 11th, parents were shocked to see gun-violence portrayed in a school skit about Christmas

According to the play’s summary, ‘Gangsta Claus’ is a skit about an inter-city Santa who is cursed with the Christmas spirit. (playscripts.com)

How he becomes Santa, is what has parents disturbed.

In the first scene alone, two people are killed, one of them by gun-fire.

We spoke with the principal of Magnolia High School to get some answers.

“This type of behavior should not have happened period,” said Roger Loper who’s been the Principal at MHS for 17 years. 

We asked him how this skit makes it past administrators in the first place. 

“In the Christmas skit, we don’t go through the songs, the band songs, the choir sons, Christmas skit.”

He admits that some students found humor in the violent show, but acknowledge most thought it was unacceptable

“I didn’t get the reaction from the students I got from the adults that were there, and my own reaction was not good.

Loper tells us as the skit unfolded, he saw the potential for issues.

“I knew it was a problem,” said Loper “I was not happy about it”.

He goes on to tell us that MHS  has never had a history of violence or weapons, which is the most disappointing aspect of the entire situation.

“This whole skit does not depict our school or our community and that’s the most disappointing thing of all to me, which it gives a different light on what we’re all about here.”

He assured us this won’t be an issue next year.

As for the drama teacher, lopper says it’s not up to him whether or not she keeps her job.

We reached out to the Magnolia School District.  Superintendent Dr. John Moore told us they are not allowed to discus issues affecting personnel for legal reasons. 


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