Funeral Services Held Tomorrow for an El Dorado Native Killed

<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt" mce_style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"><SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial" mce_style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Arial"><SPAN class="" style="COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: " mce_style="COLOR: #000000; FONT-FAMILY: ">Funeral services will be held tomorrow for an <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 /><st1:City w:st="on">El Dorado</st1:City> native killed in <st1:City w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Little Rock</st1:place></st1:City>.<?xml:namespace prefix = o /><o:p></o:p></SPAN></SPAN></P>

22-year-old Kylaus Williams died Monday in Little Rock after being gunned down in a driveway.


Two suspects were arrested in Phoenix in connection with his murder and charged with capital murder and a third suspect was charged with hindering apprehension.


Williams was a 2007 graduate of Parkers Chapel High School.


His funeral will be tomorrow at 2:30 at St. John Missionary Baptist Church.



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