UPDATE: Arraignment Set for Former Morehouse Parish Narcotics Supervisor

A former law enforcement officer in Morehouse Parish turned himself in Saturday night and now his arraignment has been set.
UPDATE Monday, Dec. 2nd 3:00 p.m. -- The arraignment has officially been set for former Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Deputy and Narcotics Supervisor, Chris Balsamo.

State Police said Balsamo turned himself in over the weekend and bonded out. He's being charged with Unauthorized Use of a Moveable, accused of taking $17,788 from the evidence vault at the sheriff's department.

Ouachita and Morehouse Parish Districty Attorney, Jerry Jones, confirmed to KTVE/KARD Balsamo's arraignment is set for December 20th in Morehouse Parish.

As far as the charges he will face in court, Jones said he will review the police reports filed on Balsamo and will make a determination as to what he will be charged with.

We will bring you more details once we learn of them.


Sunday Dec. 1st -- Morehouse Parish Sheriff and Louisiana State Police confrim former Morehouse Parish Sheriff's Deputy and Narcotics Supervisor, Chris Balsamo, was arrested Saturday night for taking tens of thousands of dollars seized as evidence in a criminal case.

According to Balsamo's arrest warrant attained from state police, Morehouse Parish Sheriff Mike Tubbs contacted state police and asked them to investigate the loss of $17,788 from the evidence vault back in October, 2013.

The warrant reveals the money was seized from a narcotics investigation conducted by the North Louisiana Drug Enforcement Bureau back in 2009.

The warrant also reads Balsamo was the Lieutenant in charge of NLDEB in 2009 and took the money from its own evidence vault between 2009 and 2011.

KTVE reported Balsamo resigned from the Morehouse Parish Sheriff's office back in 2011 after Sheriff Mike Tubbs said he tampered with around $95 in evidence money.

During the new 2013 investigation, state police called in Balsamo as a suspect in the missing funds.

On November 1, according to the warrant, Balsamo was Mirandized and confessed to taking the $17,788 because of personal financial problems. Balsamo also said he intended on paying the money back, a borrowing that the state police investigation confirmed.

On the night of November 30, state police said Balsamo turned himself in and was arrested and charged with Unauthorized Use of a Movable.

Tubbs said that same night Balsamo bonded out and now awaits his court date in Morehouse Parish.

We will bring you more details the second we receive them.

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