El Dorado Kids Go Back To The Middle Ages

Gifted and Talented 4th Graders from 4 El Dorado Elementary Schools went back in time for Medieval Fest.
EL DORADO, AR. -  Some El Dorado elementary students went back in time today for medieval fest.   

The day was filled with knights, lords and duchesses at St, Mary’s Episcopal Church. It’s where El Dorado 4th graders took us back more than 800 years, to the Middle Ages.

Hugh-Goodwin Elementary student, Taylor Watkins says she learned a lot,

“We can learn about the mid-evil times and how different it is from our time now”

Teachers say Taylor and her knights and serfs worked hard in the classroom for this trip

“The kids have numerous research projects starting at about the first of the year and this is how we end it for them,” said Northwest Elementary Gifted and Talented Teacher, Brooke Bagwell. “They really enjoy studying the Middle Ages because it’s a completely different time and it’s hard for them to imagine.”

For fun, students learned new games, calligraphy and even medieval manners all wrapped up in a day long history lesson. But that’s not all.

For lunch, they all gathered in their “court” and had a medieval style feast, with chicken legs, lentils, and of course a bread trencher to soak it all up.

“We ate the part that we cut out and used the other part of it for kind of a plate and we put the rest of the food in there,” Said Watkins. 

Melinda Lafevers, a historical interpreter, gave students a glimpse into the life of a medieval person living in a castle.

“I bring the spinning. I bring the wheel; I bring an array of costumes from different time periods… I bring the amour and the swords,” said Lafevers. She tells us students connect with the folklore and romance of the period: “There was still the era of hope and belief that we don’t have today”


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