Duck Commander, Supporters Celebrate McAllister Victory

On Saturday night, in front of a cheering mass of supporters, Vance McAllister became the fifth district's newest congressman.
MONROE -- On Saturday night, in front of a cheering mass of supporters, Vance McAllister became the fifth district's newest congressman.

"It feels real. It's a pretty big cross to bear," McAllister said. "They've put a lot on my shoulders and now what I've got to do is spend every day representing them."

On Sunday, McAllister said he'll spend the day resting, going to church and even a New Orleans Saints game.

"We're going to have our Sunday morning breakfast, but if I've got to do the dishes, we're going to eat on paper plates," he said.

After that, McAllister's first act as congressman begins.

"First thing I've got to do is I've got to take our Constituency Service Staff and get them in place. They've all been kind of left in limbo since Rodney (Alexander) had vacated the seat," he said.

A campaign that started back in August took McAllister past 12 other candidates to a run-off in October to a resounding victory over Senator Neil Riser Saturday night.

"For a first-timer to run for Congress and have these kinds of numbers against Senator Riser is a tremendous victory," KTVE Political Analyst, Dr. John Sutherlin, said.

"Tonight we have a different path, a different course we'll take in life and, with that being said, thank you very much. Thank you for your support," Senator Riser said in his concession speech addressing his supporters Saturday night.

McAllister said Riser was one of the many phone calls he received after winning.

"I told him. I said 'You know, absolutely I will help you in the Senate and everything that we can do to help work this together in this district,'" said McAllister. "I have no hard feelings. I'm here to represent everybody, including the guy that I ran against."

Supporters spent Saturday night celebrating, including "Duck Dynasty" star and Duck Commander CEO, Willie Robertson.

"I got a flight out early in the morning. I walked out of the woods a while ago and I said 'Shoot, I'm going by there. I have to find this place,'" Robertson said. "Vance is just a regular guy.  I like that. I like that he's from here, he's a Christian, a military guy, so he's my kind of guy."

Now, Mr. McAllister goes to Washington, making a promise that he will support the people of the district, just as they supported him.

"Realism. I'm going to bring truth. I'm going to bring no strings attached," McAllister said. "Every decision will be what's best for the fifth district, not what's best for anyone else."

KTVE/KARD has learned McAllister will be sworn in as congressman in Washington, D.C. on Monday.

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