Democrats Pressuring Obama to Make Changes to ACA

When it comes to the new Affordable Care Act. Even some Democrats are calling on President Obama to make changes, including Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.
West Monroe -- When it comes to the new Affordable Care Act. Even some Democrats are calling on President Obama to make changes.

One of them is Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.

She’s leading a proposal that would allow people to keep their old insurance plans if they like them.

Opposition from democrats picked up steam when former President Bill Clinton urged President Obama to stick to his pledge that people would be able to keep plans they like.

At least 4 fellow Democrats have signed on already.

"It is very upsetting to someone who supported this bill to have this gummed up. But, I think it can be fixed” said Sen. Mary Landrieu.

President Obama says plans being canceled are sub-par plans and it would be better in the long run for folks to just choose new plans.

A new report by the U.S. HHS shows the enrollment numbers through November 2nd.

In Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi, 769 people have completed the application process and chosen marketplace plans.

In those states, about 36-thousand people have applied for coverage so far.

Nationwide, roughly 1.5 million people have applied with about 106-thousand people having selected plans.
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