Delta Community College Awards Faculty Endowments

Louisiana Delta Community college awarded 3 of its faculty members with $4,500 endowments.
MONROE - - Delta Community College awarded 3 of its faculty members with endowments.

Thanks to the Kitty Degree Foundation and HCA/North Monroe Medical those awarded will have forty-five-hundred dollars to fund their proposed projects.

Chancellor Dr. Barbara Hanson says she looks forward to the benefits these endowments will have for the students.

"We're most appreciative of all the support that we received from the community either through gifts, through foundations, or any other support that we receive, we have a wonderful community that we live in and we appreciate their support and their partnership with Louisiana Delta Community College." says Barbara Hanson.

Those awarded with endowments will also be eligible to receive forty-five-hundred dollars for the next three consecutive years .. If the projects are successful.
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