World Cup Fever Takes Hold of the ArkLaMiss

Sports bars around the region are packed with fans cheering on Team USA in the World Cup.
MONROE -- Sports bars filled up Thursday afternoon as people came out to watch USA compete with Germany for a chance to move on to the next round of the World Cup.

Many people say they aren't typically soccer fans, but they can't resist the excitement of cheering for the U.S. soccer team in the World Cup.
World Cup Fan, Trevor Rogers, says,"It comes every four years. It has that special quality to it that kind of brings people together."

The head coach for the USA soccer team even tweeted a permission slip asking bosses to give their employees time off to watch the game against Germany.

One fan says he took a long lunch break to watch the important game. "Its not an everyday occurrence, you know. You don't get to do this very often as far as watching the USA," says Mark Musick, a World Cup fan.

Not everyone got time off from work, servers and bartenders stay busy making the soccer game an enjoyable experience for fans.

Sports bar owners say the success of team USA has not only been a lot of fun, but its also given them a bit of a financial boost.

Both the Buffalo Wild Wings general manager and the owner of Fieldhouse Bar and Grill say they have seen an increase in sales thanks to team USA.

"Every time the US plays, like I said before, its a considerable increase and boost in sales. It does help us out a lot, and we enjoy them coming in," says Ramon Terry, the general manager of Buffalo Wild Wings.

Joey Trappey, the Fieldhouse Bar & Grill owner, says,"Anytime you can pack out the restaurant there is going to be a financial gain."

The restaurants are bringing in more servers and staying open later for the World Cup experience. "Its pretty hectic. We have to get more people on staff and make sure everyone is taken care of," says Terry.

Both places say they are happy to see the U.S. soccer team succeeding as they advanced to the "knock out round" even with the loss against Germany.

They invite anyone with World Cup fever to come out July 1st at 4 P.M. and enjoy the next game against Belgium in a lively sports bar environment.

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