With Blood Supplies Below Critical, Blood Center Turns to Churches

A combination of the holidays and the weather is bringing some of LifeShare Blood Centers' blood supplies down to the last few drops.
MONROE, WEST MONROE -- A combination of the holidays and the weather is bringing some of LifeShare Blood Centers' blood supplies down to the last few drops.

"This weekend, after the weather we had Friday down south, we had to close four of our centers within the LifeShare system," said LifeShare Donor Recruiter, Ashley White. "The first few weeks of January have just been really hard on us because there was no blood brought in during December."

How bad is it?

LifeShare reports they have a less than two-day supply of O-negative-type blood, the universal donor.

That's bad news for potential victims at the 17 statewide hospitals LifeShare distributes to.

"Car wreck victims, burn victims, any type of surgery might have a problem that you'd have to have blood," said White. "With the blood levels the way they are, we've really benn struggling."

With some supplies sitting below critical levels, on Sunday morning, LifeShare rolled out in their mobile units, turning to local churches.

"We're at Lea Joyner Church in Monroe, we're at First United Methodist Church here in Monroe and we're at First United Methodist Church in West Monroe," White said.

LifeShare hoped the churches would be willing to work with them and they were right.

"I encouraged the folks at 8:30 worship to come and give of themselves in this way and we did that in our 9:30 worship and our 10:50 worship as well," said First UMC of Monroe Senior Pastor, Lynn Malone.

First UMC of Monroe had 600 blood drive fliers in their church bulletins alone.

One by one, folks stepped up to give to the cause until the drive ended at noon.

"At least once a quarter, the LifeShare folks can be here and we can support them in the ministry they do because, literally, there's is the ministry of life and so we support healthy lives in any way that we can," Malone said.

Those are much-needed words, according to the blood center.

LifeShare leaders said they hope people will never need this blood themselves, but they warn life is too unpredictable to write that off.

"You don't ever know that somebody you know, a relative, a friend, that might be depending on you to save a life," White said.

Even though people at all three locations did come to give, unfortunately, LifeShare fell short of their goal for these emergency drives.
They received 26 donations when they needed 45.
If you'd like to give, you can stop by their center at 2909 Kilpatrick Boulevard in Monroe any time during the week.

You can also give them a call at 318-322-4445.
They'll be hosting another drive at the Hixson Autoplex on Louisville Avenue in Monroe Monday from 2 to 6 p.m.

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