West Monroe Woman Injured in Crash Speaks Out

West Monroe Woman Injured in Crash Speaks Out

Ricki Jones, the victim of an alleged drunk driver, talks about what happened.
The West Monroe woman injured in a crash Monday evening with her children is speaking out. 

Ricki Jones was driving on Cypress Street when she was hit by a pickup truck police say was driven by Ricky Lee O'Briant. Jones and 4 children were in the car at the time.

Police say O'Briant was drunk when he hit Jones' car. Jones says she wants to know one thing:

"I would like to ask him what he was thinking," she said. 

The children were treated and released from a local hospital. But Jones was not released until Wednesday. 

"That first night after it, they didn't sleep. They all had nightmares and didn't sleep that good. They seem to be doing better now that I'm at home." 

Jones says she'll be forced to wear a neck brace for the next 12 weeks.

O'Briant is charged with his fourth DWI, careless operation, as well as being cited for open container of an acoholic beverage inside a motor vehicle.

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