VIDEO: Formal Complaint Against Monroe Police Now Turns into Criminal Investigation

Monroe Police have responded to a formal complaint filed against them Tuesday by a woman claiming officers used excessive force and broke her leg.
UPDATE: The full video is uploaded in the video player above. Click to watch it.

Monroe -- Monroe Police have responded to a formal complaint filed against them Tuesday by a woman claiming officers used excessive force and broke her leg.

According to police, that woman, 32-year-old Army Officer Shannon Johnson, has now been arrested and charged with filing a false report.

It was the video caught of the event that lead to her arrest.

"From the video footage that we saw, it's no longer an internal affairs investigation. It's now a criminal investigation," said Monroe Police Chief, Quentin Holmes.

According to an arrest affidavit, the incident occurred on February 21st in the 500 block of Martin Luther King Drive.

Arrest reports read two officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic stop because the driver was not wearing a seatbelt, identified as Derrick D. Menyweather.

Officers pulled the car over into the parking lot of 3300 Renwick Street in front of the Stepping Up Beauty Supply Store.

According to police reports, Menyweather attempted to make a phone call and refused to comply when officers asked him to get off the phone. Menyweather explained to officers he was calling his girlfriend to bring insurance information to him, which he didn't have in the car.

Arrest reports then say an unknown pickup truck started pulling up toward the officers and a black female, 32-year-old Shannon Johnson, a confirmed Army officer, started walking fast toward the scene.

Officers reported they advised her to stay back twice but she shouted out something and kept walking. When an officer started walking toward her, she turned and started walking toward the beauty store.

Arrest reports read officers told her to stop but she didn't. An officer started walking after her when the affidavit reads Johnson turned and started swinging and scratching at the officer.

Arrest reports read Johnson scratched the officer above their right eye and was taken to the ground and handcuffed.

Johnson was arrested for Interfering with Law Officer Investigation and Battery of a Police Officer.

Johnson filed a formal complaint and stated in other published reports that a second officer came up while she was on the ground and dropped on her leg, breaking it.

"She was saying that after she got handcuffed and while she was laying on the ground, the white officer comes in and just knees her in the knee while she's on the ground," said Holmes.

Police said surveillance video from the beauty store proves that was not true. In fact, according to the video, the only time the white officer touched Johnson was to get her up and escort her to the police car.

Holmes calls Johnson's recent public remarks erroneous.

"This is just a classic example of jumping on the bandwagon real quick, throwing stuff out there that's not factual instead of waiting for it," he said.

Johnson was brought to the Public Safety Center in Monroe Wednesday morning to do a physical demonstration of what she says happened and make another statement to officers.

"Making sure that what she's saying is accurate. Basically, we were trying to give her an opportunity to say: 'You know what, guys? I made that part up. It didn't happen. Whatever reason I did this.' That's what the second interview is really for," said Holmes.

But Johnson still signed an affidavit supporting her complaint, one that reads she'll be prosecuted if she knows her complaint to be false.

Around 10:45 a.m., police say she was then charged with filing a false report.

As she was being led out, Johnson would give no comment to KTVE/KARD.

The punishment for filing a false report is up to six months in jail and a $500 fine.

Holmes said these complaints damage the reputations of his officers.

"They were about to have to spend money to get their own attorneys to defend them because their career's in jeopardy because if it would have happened like it was described, that officer probably would have been terminated," he said.

Holmes said doctor's reports read that there's a possibility Johnson suffered a hairline fracture in her knee, but no broken leg.

Holmes also said copy of her arrest affidavit, her previous statements and public remarks will all be sent in a package to her commanding officer.

Menyweather would not return our calls for comment.

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