UPDATE: Guilty Verdict in Sexual Assault Trial

The jury delivered a verdict at 5:45 p.m. Monday for Terresz Robinson.

UPDATE 9:30 p.m. -- Monroe man Terresz Robinson, arrested and charged last January, was found guilty on six counts in the Ouachita Parish Courthouse on Monday.

Two counts of aggravated rape for abducting and sexually assualting two women, one at ULM on January 13th, 2013 and the other at Parish Square Apartments in Monroe on January 26th, 2013.

The state prosecutors said those women need this verdict.

"It was very important. They needed this for closure," said Lead Prosecutor Shirley Wilson-Davis. "They've all been very traumatized by all of this. One of the victims has lost her father through all of this."

Robinson was arrested January 30th, 2013 for trying to abduct a third woman at Pecanland Mall in Monroe, which led to him being found guilty of carjacking.

He was also found guilty of second degree kidnapping, attempted second degree kidnapping and felony theft of property, six counts in all.

Robinson's defense , however, said they will appeal.

"We just felt like this case was overcharged from the beginning," said defense attorney Charles Kincade. "We don't think this was a proper case to be charged as aggravated rape and we still contend that is the case."

The prosecution, however, states their case was based on victim testimony and the discovery of Robinson's DNA at multiple crime scenes.

"The facts, the evidence and the law was on our side and we just presented that to the jury. They heard everything and they believed it," said Wilson-Davis.

The defense calls that DNA evidence into question.

"The expert the came to court, she didn't know the margin of error," Kincade said. "She didn't know how many zeroes a billion had or a trillion had. It was very embarrassing, frankly."

Now the prosecution will focus on Robinson's sentencing on April 17th, the defense said they'll work to appeal all six charges.

"It's a sensitive charge. It's a sensitive situation, but I think emotion was injected into the case and that's difficult to fight," said Kincade.

"We feel confident in the evidence, the way it was presented and we feel confident in the jury verdict and we feel confident that the verdict will stand," said Ouachita Parish Assistant District Attorney, Holly Jones.

Robinson's sentencing is set for April 17th at 9:30 a.m. at the Ouachita Parish Courthouse.

Until then, it's not entirely known what kind of punishment Robinson will face.

Prosecutors said just one count of aggravated rape carries with it life in prison.



UPDATE: The jury delivered a verdict at 5:45 p.m. Monday for Terresz Robinson. 

Robinson has been found guilty on all six counts. 

The charges include second degree kidnapping, aggravated rape, felony theft, attempted second degree kidnapping, and carjacking. We will have more details as they develop. 


UPDATE: The Ouachita Parish Jury has begun deliberations.

UPDATE: Closing arguments were completed Monday afternoon in the sexual assault trial of a Monroe man.

Terresz Robsinson was arrested last January after two women were abducted at gunpoint and sexually assaulted. 

Robinson was caught after he tried to abduct a woman at Pecanland Mall.

Once the recess is over, the jury will begin deliberating the case. 

During its closing arguments, prosecutors told the jury that Robinson is guilty of all the charges he's facing and that they've made the burden of proof clear.

The prosecution called Robinson a "predator" and claimed that though he denies the charges, his DNA was found in semen samples taken from multiple crime scenes.

The prosecution claimed the victim and witness testimony proves his guilt.

Attorney Charles Kincade, Robinson's defense attorney, called the testimonies of the victims and expert witnesses into question, claiming they don't add up.

Kincade said Robinson's actions do not define a charge of aggravated rape, which carries with it the punishment of life in prison.

Kincade said a victim's resistance to the utmost, the prevention of resistance accompanied by the apparent power of execution and the prevention of resistance through the possession of a dangerous weapon all define the charge of aggravated rape and those definitions are not proven in this case.

Kincade also stated a margin of error was never given on the DNA samples.

The prosecution rebutted with the testimony of victims claiming Robinson grabbed and choked them shows apparent power of execution.

Both parties finished their arguments around 3:30 p.m.

KTVE's Nick Lawton is following the case and will provide updates as they become available.

MONROE -- Jury selection began Monday morning in the trial of a man wanted for a string of sexual assaults.

Terresz Robsinson was arrested last January after two women were abducted at gunpoint and sexually assaulted.
Robinson was caught after he tried to abduct a woman at Pecanland Mall.

He is charged with forcible rape, kidnapping and attempted kidnapping.

The trial is expected to last several weeks.

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