United Home Care: Osteoarthritis

In this edition of Home Health House Calls we learn about Osteoarthritis.
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Osteoarthritis or OA is the most common joint disorder, which is due to aging and wear and tear on a joint.
OA is a normal result of aging.
Pain and stiffness in the joints are the most common symptoms.
The pain is often worse after activity.
Your joints will probably become stiffer and harder to move over time.
You may notice a rubbing, grating, or crackling sound when you move the joint.
You may have more stiffness when you first wake up in the morning.
Cold weather may also increase the amount of discomfort associated with OA.
While osteoarthritis cannot be cured, the symptoms can be controlled.
Over the counter pain relievers, if approved by your doctor can help.
Lifestyle changes such as eating a healthy balanced diet, getting plenty of rest and protecting the joints may help the overall functioning.
Physical therapy can help improve muscle strength and the motion of stiff joints as well as your sense of balance.
Talk to your doctor about ways to live with your Osteoarthritis.
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