Twin Cities Celebrate Easter

While millions across the nation fill churches, folks in the Twin Cities do the same.

MONROE / WEST MONROE. - Area churches were packed for the final day of the Easter weekend.

From St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, to right here in Monroe, Easter is a sacred day for believers across the world. On a sunny Sunday morning, cars lined the streets and packed parking lots for early morning worship.

"Lot's of folks were here last night and the two services today, really celebrating Jesus Christ," said Pastor Mark Finn of First Baptist Church in West Monroe. He believes the true meaning of Easter is alive and well, even with the youth.  

"They're very intelligent young people, they study, they investigate, and we have more resources available at this time in history more than any other, so I think there's more evidence for them to examine and look at."

For some, the holiday means spring photos and Easter egg hunts in the front yard.  For most of the people we spoke to, they say Easter is more than just colored eggs and giant bunnies.  

"It's a time to come together and celebrate what Jesus did for us and to just enjoy our family," said one woman.  

Another man said,  "Jesus Christ died for me and if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here."

Easter is also an unofficial "make-up day" for those of us who may not worship on a weekly basis.  Pastor Finn tells us, he's alright with that.

"Of any Sunday of the year, if anyone's going to come, we want them to come to this one.  Hopefully it will propel them into a life where they realize Jesus is real and is alive everyday."

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